The Best Free Fitness App for Christian Body Building

Best Free Fitness Bodybuilding App

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to our members only strength
coaching platform. One of our
coaches will help you get ready
with a test workout on the app.

When you feel READY to GO
CHALLENGE yourself to GO
All in for Jesus Christ.

Bodybuilding for Christ is a
fitness app designed to edify
the Church, God's Bride, and
you are included in that, but
you are still an individual
with individual needs.

We therefore have paid tiers
available for those who wish to
get more than a free program.
The free option is perfect if
you have a support system at
home, and the Holy Spirit
leading your body & soul.

Let's Go!


Life Coaching

This Christian Bodybuilding platform
serves a dual purpose. One of these
is to help those who silently scream
with depression, and low self-esteem.
It's hard. "We know how hard it is."

The gym can be AN AMAZING place
for personal growth and self-therapy.
Exercise is medicine. So use it; or
lose it... Mentally and physically.
God made us to work the ground
with blood, sweat, and tears.

Let's GO! Believe and GO!

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Better Together

Following a professional strength
and fitness programs will bless you
in more ways than you might expect.
Get a coach and have peace of mind
knowing you're in good hands.

Most of the time we do too much
(in desperation) and we burn out.
We get injured, cold/flu, whatever.

Do it God's Way.

The Narrow Way.

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total Wellness

Learning to fast for longesvity,
skin renewal, fatloss, muscle tone,
and more is a way of life we should
all develop to steer clear cancer,
diabetes, and other conditions.

Bodybuilding for Christ is here
to teach you how to exercise to
activate protective mechanisms
and genes that will help you
against the unseen battles
we must face here on earth.

Join us | Get Fit-for-Christ.

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