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Christian Bodybuilding Program

Work in Faith.

If you could build a strong physique that's able, mobile, and attractive in only three years' time? Would you? Jesus Christ says that anything is possible to those who believe.

Have you ever considered what life would be like if you were in the best shape of your life? If you could push yourself to reach your peak and naturally build muscle and get stronger? Would you do it?

Natural Bodybuilding requires faith. The true worshippers are those who walk with a conviction. Those who through patience, discipline, and love embody the virtues of God.

You were never born to look obese, get sick, or feel weak. You are born to thrive and multiply His Blessings. Your body is the temple of God. Keep it healthy and strong. 

Men of all ages and sizes have adopted the natural bodybuilding way of life in search of six pack abs. Most men do 1000's of ab exercises, but without an appropriate strength training program and high protein diet you will eventually plateau.

The Aesthetics Bible is a beginner natual bodybuilding program and body transformation challenge that will force you to LEVEL UP and make XXX muscle gains as you master the core workouts and eat like a king.

In the persuit of weight-loss result, many men get desperate and stupid. That's why the worlds best coaches get coaches to coach them through hard times. Let Bodybuilding for Christ direct you for the win.

God will bless you for the benefit of your family, for those who look up to you for guidance and support. Be the man God made you to be. Be strong and courageous. Don't be afraid to bleed for your friends and family.

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Don't procrastinate or wait for the perfect time. We start next Monday. You have 7-days to decide (trial).

Get in shape, go on that date, don't be afraid. You have so much to offer and big gains to make if you will only step out in faith and play the game.

There is nothing wrong with winning! #TrustTheTrainer


Aesthetic King

King Jesus came to set an example for the whole world. Reconciling us to God, teaching us who the Father is, and most importantly who we are as His. This is what your true identity looks like. Royal Blood.

If you're tired of the dadbod, and you want to look like an "Aesthetic Rockstar", then join us and bring your A-game. We will be right next to you on the battlefield for the support play. Let's make it rain!

Imagine how the king feels on the frontlines knowing wholeheartedly that his men have their eyes on him while they are fighting. They won't allow enemy forces to kill, steal, or destroy their king + freedom.

This is how we aught to feel when we go to war for family. At the core of the Holy Bible we see a message of family and how we are called to represent the living Word of God. All good men are called to arms.

Natural Bodybuilding

Join our brotherhood of believers. We work hard, pray hard, and play harder. Strong men can face this world and sacrifice for the good of the people. Being the king is harder than most men think, it's a bloody sacrifice.

Following Jesus Christ is truly brave. We need prayers for strength and a good bodybuilding diet (God's Word). The true worshippers train the body and mind to unite with God's Spirit.

The Holy Bible contains many stories of men who were used by YHVH for greatness. We must learn from these men by listening to the Word of God. Follow Jesus Christ and you will flourish and thrive.

All of us think we know how to lift weight, but God's Way will require a new way of thinking. One you simply can't dopt until you do things God's Way for the 1st time.

Christian Bodybuilding

If you need a weight-loss coach, or a just christian life coach, then you should reach out for more support. This natural bodybuilding program is perfect for beginners who can DIY app fitness programs like this one.

The Natural Christian Bodybuilding Way is challenging, but when you finally reveal your amazing abdominals, then it will be worth it. Train hard until you rise to glory.

God's kingdom is presented with kings and queens who rule with authority, love, and power. A king must go to war when the enemy invades His land. Have you given authority to your enemies?

All of us know what we aught to do, but we are creatures of pleasure, comfort, and habit. Change is hard. Bodybuilding for Christ would like to challenge you to get up. Accept this Challenge and Walk.

Be well trained. Let God trust you with freedom. #ReleaseTheBeast

The 12-Month Aesthetics Bible Challenge

Glorified by Christ

Crown the New King!

Every year 07/07 we will crown the Aesthetics Bible Champion as King. The New King should show the most improvement, work the hardest, and bleed for the people he calls family.

The Aesthetics Bible Champion will walk away with an awesome merch hamper to the value of $300 as well as the opportunity to be the next #BB4Christ sponsored athlete. Ambassadors get rewarded.

All sponsored athletes receive a complimentary photo shoot with a branded fitness kit every year. They will also receive 30% commission for every member they inspire to sign up for online strength coaching.

Start with Bodybuilding For Christ. Build an athletic aesthetic physique with the best app fitness tracker for Christian Bodybuilders. Let's build the body for Christ and allow God's Holy Spirit to ignite our souls to be more, give more, and lift more weight.

Be Strong. Be the Blessing.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! #AthleticAesthetic


what the best diet for me

The 3-Day Fat Furnace ebook is a comprehensive nutrition guide that will touch on all aspects of healthly eating, living, and lifting. Then we bring it all together for God's glory.

Transformation is a painful process, but it can be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, just look at the metamorphosis of the butterfly. Consumer to Producer.

If you are unable to lose weight, then perhaps this intermittent fasting guide is exactly what you need to be set free. It will challenge you, and it will change you, but only if you believe it will.

This Christian Weight-Loss Program forms part of a healing testimony and could be the answer to your prayers for strength. The Word of God says, "Let YES be YES; and NO be NO."

Decide, then Execute.