It's not your fault. Weight-loss is challenging in a world designed for comfort, food, and more. But dieting doesn't have to be hard.

Fatloss Made Simple


This biblical intermittent fasting guide is based on tried and tested principles you can use to find freedom from the things and people controlling YOU.

There is more to health than what meets the eye. When we live with a lack mentality we will reach for food, booze, sex, drugs, gold and MORE.

We are designed with a natural desire to feel good, but if we are never filled with love and support, then we will reach for more than just FOOD.

By taking the content to heart you will become sensitized to discern what is good for you, and what is not, but there is still so MUCH MORE.

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The 3-Day Fat Furnace will give you the tools. It's time to fight for your health with the kind of wisdom that inspires a healthy lifestyle change.

This 3 day diet can be used in a variety of ways. Fast 24 hours, fast 48 hours, fast 72 hours, it's up to you. Let His Word guide you to be born again.

Now is the time to fast, cleanse, and renew your body, mind, and Spirit. It's time to get into the fat burning zone as you ignite your own metabolism.

This is not a meal plan or diet, it's the answer to your prayers for strength, wisdom, and self-control. And if you have faith you will see the miracle.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Trying something new is always hard, even painful. It's like learning to ride a bike. At first, you might fall down, and that's okay. It's only by falling/failing that we can get up and try again.

If you have ever tried losing weight, then you would know what it takes to get out of your own comfort zone. The effort required for change is more than most are prepared to face for change.

Even if you have tried and failed in the past, you've not given up, and that's all it takes to win this race. You're not a fool, you wouldn't be here reading this if you were. You were born for so much more than to conform.

It's time to fight for your wellbeing. Temptations will never go away, but you can learn to master yourself as you deny the power of the comfort zone. That's the only way you can break the chains holding you.


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With all the "noise" around us in this digital world, I believe we've become disobedient (disconnected) to the intuitive Voice of Wisdom that is always there to lead us "Home".

You know that little voice telling you that "eating another cookie is probably a bad idea". That's the voice of the Holy Spirit watching over you.

How many of us actually obey the Voice of God? Then we wonder why the world is slowly dying. It's simple. We just don't do what we know is good for us. We choose to reach for pleasure; just one more.

What people don't seem to realize is the fact that "dieting" is so much more than what we eat. It's what we look at, listen to, and what we believe.


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There will always be consequences for every action we choose to take. We can't blame God, or our genes for these mistakes. We can't even blame satan, that was our first mistake.

During the 3-Day Fat Furnace you will learn to sensitize your body, mind, and Spirit as you listen with clarity to the feedback the Holy Spirit provides.

You're an intuitive being who can sense unseen frequencies. It's a gift called discernment we've all received. You know what's good for you, and what's not. Choose God's best.

Be open-minded about the power of your words. You are a child of God, and the Word dwells richly within you. Use your words wisely to speak life if you wish to thrive in this reality.

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We have decided to show as much love and support to our readers as we possibly can. Every day we are reminded by God whom this coaching service is really for.

You are a child of God, and He wants the best for you. God is concerned about the next generation. Making a positive impact in society starts with us working in unity.

May this platform teach you more about Jesus Christ and the thoughts God has towards you. You will feel good, but first you need to put in some work. God is not mocked, you will reap what you sow.

If you do choose to sow into our ministry, please make sure you use all the content, otherwise it will not return to you 100 fold.

It's about the Actions of Faith.

The best breakfast for weight-loss

Yo might not know this, but the way we start our day can potentially set us up for failure. This easy breakfast recipe will help you set the tone before you go out to do the work.

Keeping your energy levels high throughout the day is the reason why keto diets work so well for fatloss. My Keto breakfast make you feel so good that you want to do more, and so you become more active and eat less.

If your desire is to lose weight as you burn bodyfat for energy, then using my healthy keto breakfast is the way to go. Please continue reading the full nutrition guide.

The Best Chicken Salad Recipe EVER!

Grabbing food on the go is one of the #1 pitfall for most dieters. Bodybuilders know they need to prep their meals. Knowing what you're going to have, and enjoying what you have, that's truly sustainable.

If you want to know how to lose weight fat, and you have a desire to feel great in your own skin, then it's time to prep a protein rich salad for work. Don't doubt or be a lazy bum.

Bring a grilled chicken salad with avocado to work. It will totally change the way you feel throughout the day without causing energy dips. Please read the full nutrition guide and discover how to boost your metabolism.

The Perfect Muscle Building Hamburger

Burgers can be healthy, and so can a Pizza. It's not healthy is avoiding family gatherings. It's not healthy to live in fear of weight gain. Challenge yourself to fast, and to feast.

Once you've read the 3-Day Fat Furnace you will learn how to burn body fat forever. But if you don't add muscle mass you will get skinny fat or end up with a dadbod.

This 3-day guide will reveal everything to you. Fasting for weight-loss is one thing, but spiritual fasting involves a whole new level of growth as you lay down your desires.

The Diet Friendly Restaurant Meal

We are social beings like God. We all want to travel, see new things, and enjoy all kinds of good quisine. May the resources shared here open your mind, mouth, and heart. You've been called into unity with Christ.

Acting like a king or a queen is really tough. It's the ruler position that requires a strong character forged in steel. But that's how we thrive with Christ in this life, and the next.

If you desire to see quick fatloss results and you don't have the patience and discipline to put in the work for 10 years, then you will be dissapointed in the end. Trust God bro.