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Making your health a priority is the best thing you can do. But as you know, it's not the easiest thing to do. The truth is you already know what's good for you. It's true.

There's a science to building muscle and burning fat, and it starts with a little bit of effort from you. Get access to the BB4C fitness app and start your journey today!!!

"Nothing works unless we do."


Christian Fitness App

We are born to move, but many no longer move in a healthy way. This results in weak muscles, imbalances, injuries, and depression.

We are HERE-to-HELP.

Our Fitness Programs aim to lift beginners until they can walk the walk with certainty in their talk. We then ask them to do the same.

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Christian Weight-loss Program

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This Christian Weight-loss Program is the best way to lose weight fast. You will fast and feast for longevity and quick weight-loss results.

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"Therefore to the one knowing what is good, and not doing it, it is a sin."


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The Great Commission

Life is about so much more than bodyfat, selfies, or what we can see. It's about the condition of your heart and the Grace of God (Jesus).

Bodybuilding is not about your reflexion or what you can get. It's about serving others with a sincere heart while bowing your head.

We worship JESUS with our bodies, but not for praise or reward, we're just humbled servants on a mission for the LORD: Let us reconcile souls.

So, eat right and train hard, but don't forget your purpose. God sees what's in your heart and not what's on the surface. (See Matthew 28:19)


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