Training Frequency: Optimize Muscle Gains and Fat Loss.

Did you know training frequently is shown to maximize our results?

Anyone starting a journey into fitness will know the pains associated with slow or no progress. All of us are naturally impatient and as a result we tend to reach for more and this can lead to shortcuts that just don’t work. In today’s post, I will discuss training frequency for WOW GAINS!.

Every year more research is done on training and performance than on anything else known to man. I believe by now we know more or less what works, and what is simply “bro-science”.

The premise for all scientific literature is context. Once you know the context of the situation you can come to a solid conclusion.

We know from studying athletes and non-athletes that muscle protein synthesis stayed elevated for 24 – 72 hours post-training when strength training was used, and this led to the discovery of optimized training regimes for muscle recovery, growth, and strength gains.

If you have been inactive and you are rather inexperienced when it comes to weight training, then you will find that 1 good training session will be sufficient to provide your body with a boost in anabolic hormones for up to 48 hours. However, if you are more advanced and you’ve been training consistently for a few months, you might only grow for 24 hours before you need to restimulate muscle protein synthesis (MPS).

For this purpose my training programs change slowly over time to help you recover, get stronger, and build more “fat-burning” lean muscle tissue. The more muscle you can add to your frame, the more body fat you will shake off in the process. Building muscle is hard, and it requires that we work, which in turn will make everything else work.


When you switch your focus from losing to gaining, you start to experience joy and this is what the growth mindset is all about. Once you see your posture improving as you move with more force and power, and after seeing the changes your hard work has blessed you with, you will start to change from within.

The amazing thing about strength training is that it forces you to grow. Your confidence increases as you make gains, and this in turn makes you perform with excellence in other areas of your life. You become an example to others.

The purpose of Bodybuilding is to build your own physique to its maximal potential to be presented as aesthetically pleasing. To do this one must use your body as the canvas and work with wisdom, precision, patience, and tenacity.

Old-school body part splits work well for beginners, but as you get more advanced a high-frequency training program that targets multiple muscle groups 3 – 4 times per week will stimulate more growth and less breakdown.

When we train we also break down muscle tissue to some extent, and these fibers must be repaired in the process. If you can stimulate 80% of the growth in 4 – 5 sets, then doing 20 sets on that muscle is too extreme.

Consider how long MPS is elevated (24 – 72h). It would make sense to re-stimulate the growth response as soon as you’ve FULLY recovered.

In a perfect world the perfect programs usually work perfectly, but in real life what looks good on paper and inside a test tube never plays out the way we expected it to. You can have the perfect program, but if you cannot follow it as an athlete would, then you aren’t following the program.

So, I’ve come up with a way to draw from the best of both worlds, and bring high-frequency full-body training into my bodybuilding and fatloss programs without missing any muscle groups, even if you skip a workout or two.

All of us are building something in our daily lives that can be seen as our legacy, whether that is our children’s future or our own. Some days you won’t feel like training, and other days you just won’t have the time, but I implore you to try.

The research suggests that it is not only about the exercises we do, or the frequency we use, but muscle growth is greatly determined by the total volume we push, the reps x sets x mass.

What does this mean? It means we need to increase our capacity to handle more if we wish to be blessed by being a blessing in this world.

Pray this prayer with a sincere heart and see what happens: “Father God, hear my prayer, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit; increase my capacity to do something good. In the Name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.


Strength is the primary indicator of muscle growth and this is what we will focus on for progression. Getting stronger? You’re winning!

In our membership programs we split the total volume over the course of a week, and instead of doing 20 sets for legs Monday, you might only do 5 sets, but 4x times a week.

This does three things: The first is that for beginners it does not cause so much muscle damage that you can’t walk the next day. For intermediate trainees, it just feels like a good workout. Splitting the workload like this gives you the freedom to miss a workout without losing the benefit of working that muscle group this week. It’s a win-win.

Then lastly, it gives beginners time to repeat the movements a few times every week. You know what they say about practice… Instead of doing 4 lower body exercises on Monday for 4 sets each, you will do 1 lower body exercise for 4 sets on 4 days of the week.

As you know, this platform is about building up the Body of Christ, that is you and me, and being the biggest guy or girl in the room is not what we are trying to achieve. Instead, we want to focus on getting stronger, leaner, and faster. That is the key.


To benefit from this training program you must give 110% on each rep. This has been shown to boost muscle protein synthesis by 80% or more.

The workouts will be shorter as we focus on the most important muscle groups for overall health and performance. If you haven’t been training in months and suddenly you are expected to train for 60 minutes at a high intensity, you will dislike me and likely quit.

Give the programs a try, and then discern what you are experiencing from the feedback you receive. The Holy Spirit will guide you with wisdom and understanding if you are willing to listen.

Training 5 days a week can be INTENSE on your physique and by the end of the week you will feel how the volume of training added up. But there is a very specific reason for the madness behind my programming and this platform.

Training 5 days a week will establish this special habit in your life as a daily priority and this will give you access to feel-good hormones that act as natural anti-depressants when you don’t feel like doing anything. Training is an active form of medicine. is a research database and pathology supported genetic testing service provider and from the data we can clearly see the benefits of exercise and good nutrition on the expression of genes. You can keep your genes healthy by setting a good example.

Have a blessed day. Comment below and share your experience with our programs if you are already part of the team. Inspire others who read this to take a leap of faith if they are still on the fence.

Coach Jan

P.S. Be The Blessing.