What Really Works? Intuitive Eating or Nutrition Counselling?

The best diet is the one you can follow.

But seriously though. If you find yourself binge eating, regaining weight, and feeling depressed, then you’re likely doing something wrong. I would know, I’ve been there. As a result of bullying I developed a really bad body image disorder, which changed the way I looked at myself forever.

My obsession with weight-loss crippled my physical development. From the age of 16 I was eating under 800 calories per day, binge eating on weekends, and my mental space was a mess. I wish I could go back and change things, change my thinking, change something, but perhaps it’s what God intended for my purpose.

I thought I knew what I was doing, but looking back now I can see how warped my thinking had become as a result of my own defeating thoughts and actions. I was going to the gym and did cardio every day, but never with the intent of getting stronger or body building. It was purely based on losing as much as possible.

Bodybuilding was my saving grace, and so was Jesus Christ. It all started with my desire to be loved. It started after I got turned down because I was too skinny – I looked hungry – I did some research and I realized I would have to overcome my fear of weight-gain if I wanted to build a strong muscular physique, and so I did.

I applied what I learned and made some amazing “noob gains”. I spent all my money and free time learning more so I could add more muscle to my frame, get stronger, and look like I lift, even with a shirt on. It wasn’t long before I followed the rabbit down the hole and found nothing but disappointment at the end. But it wasn’t the end, it’s where I met Jesus Christ (God’s Grace).

God changed my outlook on many things, including Bodybuilding. Now I do what I do for Him. Bodybuilding for Christ.

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Excellence. How can I expect that from you?

I can’t expect you to have the same experience(s) I have. I can’t even expect you to eat what I eat or train the way I train because you are not who I am. Your family (culture) might enjoy different things and that’s what makes us all so beautiful. Despite our differences we have one thing in common. The Spirit of Jesus Christ.

God opened my eyes to the reality of spirit-filled bodybuilding, intuitive eating, and the accountability we will get from working hard towards a better future. If you’ve been weakened by trauma or fear-based emotions you won’t feel like you are thriving, and that’s why you’re here, to get back up; to get stronger.

Intuitive eating and fitness coaching

I realized most of my pain came from my own thinking. I was the victim, and I was looking for someone to hold me, care for me, and make me feel like I mattered, and my pain mattered. So I stayed in the same loop, in my default mode, repeating my mistakes, reaching for empty promises to ease the pain, then Jesus Christ stepped in and He changed my ways.

You cannot lead if you cannot follow. That means you cannot even lead yourself if you are unable to follow the commands given to you by God. That is why we must walk through a season of refinement to burn the impurities away, to remove the distractions, and to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. It’s vital that we do.

Jesus said, “What can I do for you? Get up and walk.”

You have to start somewhere, and with a little bit of help you can take the next step, and the next, and the next, until you find yourself running. That’s why I’ve designed this platform – As a catalyst for change. BB4Chr1st is something I needed growing up. It brings hope, wisdom, and a better looking body.

My program is unique in that I’ve built it with Christ leading the way. I also believe I have been given a responsibility to lead in a way, even if it’s only to show you the way, His Way. Like John the Baptist who came to direct the way of the LORD.

Repent (Turn Back to God) and be baptized every one of you and you will be saved.

The Word of God is a Double-Edged Sword.

I haven’t discover the next best weight-loss solution, I’m not a fitness model, and I did not get the 10 commandments of body building like Moses did, but I have done a lot of research, and I have applied what I’ve learned, and I’ve seen the results of those actions, and so I believe I can speak from a place of conviction.

Intuitive eating is easy to understand. You know that another cookie is a bad idea, because A) it’s a trigger food for you, and B) you’ve probably had enough. That’s intuitive eating in a nutshell. God gave each and every one of us the gift of discernment. It’s that little voice telling you to put the cookie down.

Lol, no not you Arnold…

I believe all of us know what’s good for us, and what’s not. All of us know when we are full, and when we are stuffed. All I’m asking of you is to become aware of your consumption. Consider fasting for 1 or even 2 days each week. Intermittent fasting also works. Your body is designed to go without to cleanse the temple.

If you are consuming like a worm you will live like one too. If you want to rise above the old nature you must go into a stage of metamorphosis where every cell in your body breaks down as you are redefined by the Spirit of Christ into the image of Christ as it was purposed from the beginning. See Genesis 1:27

The Original Design was to be like God, Holy and Pure. Sin entered the world through the mind (disbelief) and we fell from grace as we ate of the tree of knowledge (mind) of good and evil (judgement). The tree of life (heart) pumps rivers of life giving blood all over this temple, and that is why God says He will give you a new heart (Holy Spirit) to saturate and renew every cell in your body.

I don’t want to preach, but I am here to teach you everything I know. What you do with the information is up to you.

The Purpose of Intuitive Eating and Nutrition Counselling

As long as you’re not restricting yourself and then gorging on foods that contain no nourishment. Your body is God’s Temple, and He will not be mocked. You have a responsibility to take care of it. So nourish it. Pray for wisdom and ask for guidance and strength. Then follow and you will also lead.

My purpose is to help you think about what you are busy with. The best coaches will never force you to conform to their blueprint of happiness, they finds ways to improve yours. Knowing there is someone professional you check in with creates accountability, and this gives birth to tenacity (endurance).

Learning to be strong and flexible with the freedom to choose gives you confidence in your ability to bring about change not just in health and fitness, but also in your business and love life. Millions of people are living with “just enough” (by the Grace of God), but if they shaped up metaphysically they would see an overflow of resources. Blessed to be a Blessing.

Let them shout for joy and rejoice! Let them say continually, “Let the Lord God be magnified, who delights and takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.”

Coaching and Counselling is a process, and it requires faith to blindly trust the process. You don’t need all the answers right now. Just believe you are doing the right thing, and one day you will wake up and you will smile when you see your reflection. Oh! How you’ve changed.

I don’t know what’s harder about personal growth, looking at where you need to go, or looking back at who you were once you reach your destination. I look back in shame when I consider where I came from, but by God’s Grace I have changed; and I am still changing into the man Christ already sees in me. So I believe.

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The Nutrition Cheat Sheet and Intermittent Fasting Diet (Ebook).

My Nutrition Cheat Sheet is a no brainer way to get good results early on. Success breeds success, so get the ball rolling and momentum will help you to go stronger for longer. Starting your day with a ketogenic meal and nothing else will ramp up fatloss as energy levels will be stable and you will be more focused.

The 3-Day Military Diet is my fasting diet. It’s designed to bring you closer to God through the simple act of sacrifice. You might have questions, uncertainties, things you need answers for. Fasting is the fastest way to get clarity as you strengthen yourself Spiritually; weaken the flesh, and seek Him in true sincerity.

Taking the Next Step:

God called me from darkness to Light and He opened my eyes to see past the physical fluff. It’s the stuff we so easily get caught up with, like body fat %, scale weight, money in the bank, ass fat… All these temporary highs bring temporary glory (joy). Jesus called us to a different kind of life, where we lay down our lives to secure a good future for our children.

Your attitude plays a major role in the process of change, and with a bad attitude you will only delay the walk to freedom. Moses walked in circles for 40 years with the Israelites because they were disobedient, and they looked back, they worshipped idols, complained, and had orgies. Don’t be like them. They died.

I could change my opinion on food as I grow older and try new things. I’ve never gone full vegan for more than a week, and I liked it, but I’m a warm blooded South African who needs meat to thrive. I also know food is no longer what it used to be with all the hormones and GMO’s, but if you have nothing else it will have to do…right?

The good news is that Jesus Christ said, “Do not place judgement on a person for what he eats, for one man believes all things are clean, but he who is weak of faith only eats vegetables.” – Romans 14:2 (Vegan Feite wat iemand gaan ontstel)

I don’t know about you, but I have faith to enjoy all things, honey, milk, red meat, and the good wine! Let’s not make a fuss about food, but rather about what we can do to bring about change in this world.

– Coach Jan

P.S. Remove the distractions.