Fatloss Tips: The Best Diet to Lose weight fast – try a keto breakfast

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day for Fatloss.

Ladies and Gentleman. The number one key to sustainable fatloss is insulin control. To burn fat quickly you want to keep your energy levels stable and effectively boost anabolic hormones that would fire up your metabolism. This is why I created this platform (Bodybuilding for Christ) to serve men and women who desire to become refined and defined by the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ (The Word).

The world’s best dieting advice is freely available; it’s right at our fingertips. What we do with the information is really up to us, and in my experience, we only get results when we get started. We all intuitively know where we can make positive changes, we simply need the motivation to get moving.

Think of motivation like you would think of a physical movement. No one ever feels motivated to do anything hard, but if the desire for change (vision) pulls you into action, then motivation will follow like a river that picks up speed as it overcomes the inertia of the comfort zone.

I would like to think that I am here to motivate you through my words and the love I have for strength training and Jesus Christ. It’s time to clean out as you transform your body and mind through the power of Christ (Loves Perfect Sacrifice).

It’s never fun making sacrifices or changing our ways, but once we have a new lifestyle, once we feel stronger, lighter, happier, and healthier, then we will be inspired to shine and motivate others to do the same. United we set the pace for the human race.

I’ve personally suffered from various body image disorders. In my 20’s I became obsessed with my physique, and the “magic pills & potions” only made things worse. I’ve made these mistakes so you don’t have to. You will have to trust my judgement.

There will always be limitations when we seek perfection, however we choose to “define it”. Progression on the other hand can be defined by the amount of effort you are willing to put into something you believe in.

My mission as a “Coach” is to teach you everything I know in a congruent and transparent way so you can make informed decisions and use my “cheat codes” so you never have to feel guilty again. You are forgiven.

Now, let’s get started.


“Once I was blind, but now I see.” – Blind Man

If you want to eat for a lean physique without starving yourself and feeling miserable all the time, then starting your day with a banting style high protein high-fat meal will keep your blood sugar levels stable, which will keep you satiated throughout your day, and this will help you burn fat for energy. This is why keto diets work.

When you have cereal or bread in the morning, those carbs go into your digestive system and they then get broken down into simple sugars. These simple sugars then get pulled into the bloodstream and your blood sugar levels rise.

The pancreas are then signaled to produce insulin which takes some of the sugar from the bloodstream and stores it in one of two places. Actually, to be scientifically correct, one of three, but we will only focus on two of them for now.

The first location is inside the muscle cells. If you don’t have enough muscle glycogen, then glucose will be stored in the body and this is why strength training is such an amazing tool for fatloss as it creates a physiological need for more muscle glycogen. So, if you lift weights then you can have that donut, but only after dinner. The 2nd location: If muscle glycogen stores are full, then the excess energy will be stored inside the fat cells through a process known as lipogenesis.

The main thing we will focus on for your body transformation journey is the actions you take first thing in the morning. Starting your day pro-actively will positively influence the rest of your day, and if you’ve been sleeping till 7 am, then things will have to change in the next few days.


When you open your eyes in the morning you should feel rested and ready to tackle the day. However, that will likely not be the case if you have been overworked and malnourished.

And that is why you are here right?

Successful people start their day the previous day. Planning and preparing for success is the number one habit that will guarantee you step forward in faith with the right tools for the day.

Go to bed earlier by setting stronger boundaries, and wake up feeling fully awake. This feeling will enable you to take on any day, even judgement day. That’s a dark joke, but is it really just a joke?

As it is written, “the early bird catches the worm”. So, before your feet hit the floor in the morning, get on your knees and sincerely pray for your heart, health, habits, and physique. Trust me bro, if you pray in faith, it will work. Listen to Wisdom.

One last thing before I preach. Put your families needs first, and if that means preparing eggs for everyone, then that is what you will do, even if you have to buy 2 pans. Make sure to set a good example early on and you can save them lots of suffering later in life. Obesity is also a side effect.

Okay time to get to the main topic of this post. How keto and banting diets can aid weight-loss without extreme measures.


The key thing to understand about breakfast is the effect it has on your hormones and how you can best utilize this information to reach your physique and even your career/family goals.

When you wake up in the morning, you will have usually been fasting for 8 hours or more, and it’s at this point that your body will be pumping high levels of growth hormone into every cell in the body. This starts a natural renewal process to detox cells, clean the digestive system, and even create new pathways in the brain.

Not only does growth hormone increase 10 fold when we fast, but our bodies also produce more adrenaline, activating the natural fight-or-flight response. This then drives us to work as we gather resources for the family. When we break our fasted state with high sugar cereals, we will blunt the benefits of having elevated levels of human growth hormone and catecholamines running through our system. Hormones that put us into hyper-drive. This is biohacking 101.

Insulin and GH cannot be elevated at the same time as they are antagonistic pathways in the human body. Once we push sugar (carbs) into the bloodstream, the pancreas will push insulin into the system and then digestion will begin. Your body doesn’t want to work hard while digesting food. That’s why you hurl when you train with too much intensity. More resources. Anyway, back to the topic: Losing weight fast.

Eating a carb-heavy meal turns this ancestral hunter-gatherer response off, and then we start feeling lethargic. If you had cereal for breakfast this morning, then this effect will be seen before 10 am. This is the real reason why banting or keto diets work so well. High protein high fat diets (HPHF) keep insulin levels low, HGH high, and the adrenal glands pumping epinephrine through your bloodstream, making you feel “naturally high”. This suppresses appetite and restricts calories without thinking about it.

Result = Weight-loss


It doesn’t really matter what time you have breakfast, as long as you can stick to this basic guideline. Steer clear of all sugars for breakfast, and that includes those dam rusks or a fruit salad. Eat like a man. Have some bacon and eggs instead.

Eggs are PACKED with nutrients and the golden era of bodybuilding was built on eggs for a very good reason, the yolk is an excellent source of fats, vitamins, and protein with a complete ratio of the most important branch chain amino acids. Buy high-quality eggs and invest in your own health and wellbeing. You only have one body.

Pork is debatable, but according to the book of Leviticus they aren’t seen as clean animals by God and if you look at the purpose of a pig on earth, then you will find that just like the snails and crustaceans of the ocean floor, they too are made to clean the mess we leave behind. Pigs will eat just about anything, and fat cells also serve as a storehouse for toxins. Think about that the next time you bite into those crispy fat strips.

As it is written, “The priest is to burn the food on the altar as an offering made by fire, a pleasing aroma. All the fat is the LORD’s.” – Leviticus 11:9

Pigs have quite a lot of fat, and as a result we can get affected to some degree if we eat pork. But when we look at the new testament we find that God declares all things clean by faith, and that we aught not to judge each other by our own convictions of food. We aught to love people and that includes warning them.

This is me warning you like an older brother would warn his younger siblings. My conviction is that all things can be enjoyed in moderation with an active lifestyle and an intuitive ear to that gentle voice of wisdom that is always available to us if we would only listen and be obedient, then we will thrive in this lifetime. #TrustGod


Banting or Ketogenic-style diets work so well because they keep insulin low and they provide you with energy and adrenaline which makes you feel good, but they aren’t sustainable in the long run and therefore we need to find balance.

My approach is to do a keto breakfast, then have leftovers for lunch, and for dinner you will enjoy a heartwarming carb-heavy meal with the ones you love. Make enough to pack some for lunch the next day. Stick to lean meats (trim the fat).

You need sugar, we all do, but the right amount at the right time and for the right reason is the ultimate key to performance, recovery, and an optimized metabolic rate and strong physique. Carbs are not the enemy, inactivity is what’s killing us, and millions choose to stay ignorant.

Getting clear on the nutritional approach you should take for optimal health is important if you want to build a solid foundation from the start. We don’t have to be extremists who stand in one camp, and we can learn from every nutritional approach and apply the key aspects of each into our own lives to test what works. So, get started.

It has been said that abs are made in the kitchen. I disagree. I believe abs are the result of mastering yourself to a certain degree. Are you disciplined? Do you want to be? Join our online fitness community.

Coach Jan

P.S. Be the Blessing.