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Hi! Let's GO!

My name is Jan-Roux (Call me Jan). Roux is my mothers maiden name. She gave birth to me on the 9th of February 1989 in Cape Town, the mother city of South Africa.

As a boy (7) I partially lost sight in my right eye after Jesus audibly spoke to me saying "Laat die skoenlapper gaan." The specialist prescribed glasses and that's when the bullying started.

I gained a lot of weight making me an easy target. Looking back now I can see how God has always been there for me in every battle, but the fights changed me (in a good way).

I am stronger.

Coach Jan

Since the day that I gave my heart to Jesus and was baptized I've seen things that are not healthy. It's the 11th hour, and many are not ready. The Church, God's Bride is not very healthy.

Christianity is not about looking good. Christians who work to look good for the world, to #FIT in, take 'shortcuts' like I did, and it defiles the soul.

Jesus saved me before I sold my soul and that's why I serve Him with my time, my money, and my heart.

God has been a good Father to me and I want to use the gifts that I've received to make a difference in the church.


Hidden Prophet

I see myself as God's Wolf.

Jesus really touched my heart in the greatest way by using me as a conduit of His love in the darkest of places. God shared so much with me about warfare. Playing church is not a cure, it's a pill.

To be a wolf is never associated with being good, yet that's exactly what the LORD has been telling me to be in His army. There are many wolves disguised as sheep misleading His flock in church.

I've never conformed to the norm and that's why I can reach the unreachable for the Kingdom of God. Like Paul said, "for the weak I became weak." It's why God is using me to fight the good fight.

The "woke" youth have rejected Christianity, and approaching them with a Bible won't work. To be God's Wolf is to act as a spy, able to infiltrate enemy territory to bring back the lost.

When Jesus Christ saved me I was sharing my soul with a witch. God used me to reveal demonic influences in her life and then He saved her too. She is now happily married with 2 boys.

I saw things you would think was a lie, and it was, it was acursed. Jesus threw me in deep so I could have 1st hand experience with the occult and God gave me a compassionate heart for those who are sitting the dark.

These (God's Wolf + I Declare War) books helped me embrace what God is trying to do in my life. Being used in a unique way brings joy to my heart. It's why I'm trusting Him to use me as a weapon for good (Testimony).

Just like Robin Hood who takes from the rich and gives to the poor, I would like to use this ministry to generate funds to bless the poor and impact Cape Town in a positive way.

Are you going to join me?


Window to the Soul

 I wanted to know WHY?

If God is real, if God is good and loving, then why do we see so much suffering in the world? Why does God allow pain?

Free will. No control. His Love.

The truth is we want pleasure (good vibes) all the time. It's why we get fat. Here's the deal: God made us and He gave us responsibilities, and we have disobeyed His Ways (Romans 3).

We have ignored the Word of God by choosing to reach for the forbidden fruits. This leads to chaos, destruction, and loss of control. We are the fools.

You know that little voice telling you that eating another cookie is a bad idea? That's Wisdom guiding you.

Think of it like this: He is a caring Father who tells me not to skate in the streets. What do I do? I build a mini-ramp and then do kickflips into the highway.

My Father warned me, but do I ever listen. The 3rd time I got hit by a car and broke my arm. Thank God!!! I can still skate. There's grace for mistakes.

So, who is to blame for this pain? I am, and you are. We have all disobeyed the Voice of God. We know what's good for us, but we choose to reach for more.

The world is screaming of pain right now because people have tossed the Word of God behind them to follow their own ways. More, more, more.


Jesus loves the misfits, outcasts, rebels, and fearless ones. Why is that you might ask? Well, the more darkness you have experienced in life, the further God's love will pull you into His Light.

The 3rd law of Sir Isaac Newton states that for every action in nature there is an equal, but opposite reaction. This is also true for God's kingdom of Light.

God's children will experience chaos. God allows this battle to strengthen us. God wants us to experience what life is like without Him. He was once alone in darkness, and then He made us.

We will only know how good God is once we've experienced the conditional love of this world. This yin and yang relationship is known as the duality of life and it brings us closer to Christ.

Jesus Christ stated that those who are forgiven for much will love much.

Build a relationship with God and you will see that you cannot limit Him in any way. You cannot put God in a box, label Him, or manipulate Him. He knows.

When you understand who Jesus is as your Shepherd and Father, then you will also submit in prayer like Yeshua and say, "Not my will, but Yours..."

Knowing Jesus Christ is the most important relationship you can have. By knowing your Maker, you will know yourself and what He desires for you and your wellbeing. Temple Bodies.

Jesus will wash away every tear.

Jesus is the Living God.

Who Jesus is - Who Jesus Christ is


God the Father is standing with open arms waiting for us to return to Him.

We can't fully grasp God's love for us, but when you take one step towards Jesus, He takes 99 to be with you.

All He needs is an invitation. He doesn't care where you are in life. All He desires is for you to know Him as Abba Father. He loves you with an everlasting love.

God's Word says: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have drawn you with loving devotion."

If this sounds like foolishness to you, then you are not ready to repent. As the cliché goes, "When the student is ready, the Master will appear". Thank you for reading everything I've shared.

As it is written, "No one comes to the Son unless the Father draws them."

Those who are filled with pride must go through Fire before they can submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. May the grace of God be with you in the Fire.


God the Father gave His Son as a living sacrifice. He ripped out His heart for us. Jesus did the unthinkable to show you who He truly is. He is good and faithful until death; He embraced His cross.

God the Father sacrificed everything for His family to show us what He expects of us as His representatives. Love is a sacrifice we make for family.

 Jesus chose to bleed like a mortal man. He endured the cross and His Name was perpetuated throughout eternity. Every soul knows who Jesus Christ is.

"Greater love has no man than this, that He willingly bleeds for his family."