Biblical Advice: Wellness and Health for Life

If you want to effectively build muscle and burn body fat, then you’re in the right place, but my advice won’t be what you might expect.

The truth is all of us know what is good for us. It’s that little voice we so easily ignore that’s always there to guide us towards a healthy body and stronger mind, but far too often we choose the comfort zone, and we complain it’s too hard. This leads to weight-loss plateaus and mediocre results in many other areas of life. I believe that for us to be truly successful we must be strong.

As it is written, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your GOD goes with you wherever you may go.” – Joshua 1:9

My goal as a fitness professional and man of God is to teach you what it takes to burn excess body fat and build rock-solid muscle that will prosper you in every way. Success breeds success, and those who discipline their bodies through sports like Natural Bodybuilding can and will achieve anything they truly believe in with conviction.

The number one factor that’s needed for great results is the mindset of an athlete who is willing to exert immense effort through faith. The Bible says, “God is not mocked, a man shall reap what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7 – So, today I would just like to plant a Seed of Strength in your Soul.


It would be foolish of me to think you can go from ZERO to HERO in less than 12 weeks, let alone 12 months. If I just look back at my own journey and lifestyle transformation, I can see that I was still a “noob” until I reached year 4.

The truth is doing this God’s way (naturally) will require perseverance and patience. But if you trust Him, then I would like to show you what’s possible if you are willing to stay strong in the furnace. God wants to refine us and shape us with His Spirit (Fire) and He will burn away the impurities if we allow Him to. It’s the only way.

Traumatic events, isolation (loneliness), sexual abuse, and rejection will likely trigger addictive behaviors and the desire to seek love (comfort). When we are driven by a wounded soul we will reach for things to take the pain away, things like sex, booze, and fast foods. I believe this is the root cause of poverty (lack) and weight gain.

So, if you’re here looking for a good solution to questions like, “How do I build lean muscle?”, “How do I get super toned?” Or “How do I get eight-pack abs?” Then I would like to invite you to follow me through the wilderness of change. This ancient pilgrimage to the promised land will refine you and burn away everything that is not of God. Come, step into it with unwavering faith.


When I first came to Jesus Christ my pastor showed me an image of a building and then he continued to explain to me that my foundation had been build on past experiences that shaped my thoughts and my habits. My old nature led to poor decisions that affected my mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. I had to change my ways.

My old habits had to be replaced, and it wasn’t going to be a quick or easy cleansing process. We had to start with the root of my problems, with what was in my heart. The good news is the fact that God gives us a new heart through faith if we turn to Him in repentance and listen to Him.

As it is written, “I will give you a new heart, and put a new Spirit in you. I will take the heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. – God” – Ezekiel 36:26

The heart condition (attitude) whereby you approach your own transformation will greatly determine if you see it through until the end. If you know there is work to be done, and you acknowledge your personal responsibility to make it happen, then you simply need to start walking. Just persevere against all odds with Godlike patience and have a teachable Spirit.

When you approach bodybuilding you have to embody this attitude and not rush through the exercises just to get it done. There are important lessons we MUST learn as we teach our bodies how to synchronize the movements and find balance. Everything is a parable and it’s all part of a bigger universal lesson we MUST all learn.

The foundation will be the sacrifice you make to lay down your old life and make it happen. Evil is when good men and women don’t act because they are afraid. So if you want to build a rock-solid foundation (muscle) and burn away the body fat (baggage), then you have to make it happen and sacrifice your comfort zone.

God is not mocked.


Trying to burn body fat through diet plans and cardio is like pissing in the wind. If you wish to build an aesthetic physique with defined/toned muscle in all the right places, then you will have to think and feel like an athlete, even eat and sleep like an athlete. And you have to envision yourself doing the hard stuff with excellence.

There are many people who diet to burn body fat without a good foundation (muscle mass), and that’s like trying to chisel a pebble. If you want to look skinny-fat and be physically weak, then you should eat like a goat and run like Mr Forest Gump. Choose trust Coach Jan-Roux.

If I, Coach Jan, could advise young men who just stepped into the gym, I would simply tell them NOT focus on having abs or “Afshow Muscles”. If you want to look jacked in clothes and look good naked, then you will first have to build a solid foundation (muscle), and that takes 3 – 7 years of passionate hard work. A new lifestyle.

Most people don’t want to hear this. So, they disregard my advice, get impatient, and take shortcuts that eventually bites them in the ass. Don’t be like those fools.

Thousands of men and women who start bodybuilding climb on gear, which is a term used to say, “he/she started using anabolic steroids.” Trust me, steroids do work. They will give you significant muscle gains in 12 weeks and most people only need 1 injectable and 1 estrogen regulator to transform into a beast.

But if you are one of those people who take shortcuts, all I can say is this. I’ve done it and it worked, but personally the side effects weren’t worth it for me. So if you want to take the risk and you find yourself bald at 30, or with Bitch Tits, then go ahead and trust your own ways.

Bro Dictionary: “Bitch Tits” Gynecomastia


How far are you willing to journey in life? What amount of effort are you going to put into your desire to achieve A.B, or C? I believe anything worth doing is worth doing good. Excellence is the essence of success for anyone with a dream.

A wise man said, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The truth is we can achieve amazing results if we apply the intensity and passion needed for greatness to be born. But it is truly challenging to put in that much work for 10 years straight, and that is why many quit. Think about ultra marathon athletes who run like Mr Gump.

It’s not something a “normal human” would do. What drives them to do it? What’s the purpose?

There is something inside our hearts that drives us to continue going. If you don’t have that fire burning in your soul then you will give in or give up entirely when the temptation comes to go back into the comfort zone. But you’re not like 90% of the western population, you wouldn’t be reading this if you were. You are called by God.

This journey towards the promised land can be likened to an ultra-marathon and it is good to know upfront what you are letting yourself in for. Perseverance and patience will carry you through if you keep your eyes on the promise. As it is written, ‘Write the vision on tablets so that the one who reads may run with it.”

If you want to know how often you should train (workout) to see great results, the simple answer is as often as you can. If you can be active every day you will get into the habit of working harder. The current body of evidence indicates that we make the best muscle gains when we train every muscle group 2 – 4 times/week, including core.

That means if you follow a full-body strength training routine, you can take 1 day off after every bodybuilding workout. However, most of us don’t have the discipline and work ethic to gym for 2 hours with high intensity, and therefore a body part split like the classic push/pull/legs will be more effective and more enjoyable in the end.


Once you have lost the majority of your excess body fat, and you’ve built a stronger foundation, then and only then would I recommend you take things to THE NEXT LEVEL. Testing yourself like a powerlifter who prepares to deadlift over 900 pounds is dangerous. You must be ready for it.

Reading one blog post won’t turn you into Arnie, but continually seeking to apply the wisdom you find will make you the master of your own game and then you will have the freedom to choose what’s best for you. Just watch out for pride and judgement, and don’t ever act like you know it all. Just apply what works and trust God bro.

Getting stronger through the Spirit of Christ will give you the perseverance, patience, and faith to embrace the journey with a joyful heart and a new understanding of God’s perfect love.

As it is written, “Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, and it does not boast. It is not self-seeking, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

– 1 Corinthians 13

It’s about the Holy Spirit, the Refined Soul, and the Godlike Ability to make that Loving Sacrifice with a joyful heart. That’s what will set you apart and change you into the perfect image of God. He wants the best for your health, and He will prosper you, but you still need to listen to Him.

I’ve decided to end of by giving you a breakdown of my personal approach to training and dieting, and if you like my physique and you want to follow me, just start slowly. If it works for you, please consider supporting my cause/vision.

Each member who supports the platform for only $9 pm will receive their training program through our mobile application with informative HD videos of me teaching every movement with an eagles eye. You also get direct access to ask questions and engage with the community.

I have packaged everything you might need to transform your health and spiritual well-being in an attempt to create a service for the body of Christ that would stand in unity for something good. Something that could make an impact.

Finding the Original Design.

Doing life God’s way.


Following my advice will be simple enough to understand, but it won’t be as straight forward as you might be hoping for. I am going to challenge you to do some homework as you DIY your health. You have a personal responsibility to do the right thing if you want to thrive.

Habit 1: Get Enough Sleep

Starting the night before you should sit still, breathe deep, and plan what you want to do. What time do you want to wake up, and when do you want to train? Have you made provision for the things you need to exchange? Getting good sleep is just as important as training is.

During sleep the body raises human growth hormone (HGH). This is vital for our restoration and longevity. It’s during deep sleep that our bodies can restore muscle tissue, which then results in muscle fiber growth and metabolic adaptations that speed up fat loss results.

Habit 2: Train Your Brain

When you wake up in the morning you should feel rested. If you are currently on the edge of burnout, please consider taking a break before you put your body through more physical strain. It’s logical, if your mind is fried by the pollution of your environment, then you won’t be able to give your best. What you put in is what you get out.

Intentionally starting the day off slower can help you re-align yourself with what is true and good for you and your family. Avoid using your phone or any other mind-altering substance when you open your eyes in the morning. It’s fundamental that you start your day off the right way. Without direction you will be tossed around by the chaos.

Habit 3: Feed Your Brain

Psychologists have discovered that humans are more intelligent when they are sober-minded, well-rested, and clear of distracting emotions. Creativity and intelligence go hand in hand and it’s easy to see why we can produce the most amazing works of art when we are rested in an environment where we feel safe and secure.

Whether that space is a physical space like your home or business, or whether it’s a metaphysical space like your intimacy with God or the music you listen to on your way to the “9 to 5” you call “JOB”. You need to create your own space or find one, and if that means laying down your comfort to build something of beauty for a while, then so be it. Jesus did it. Look at where He is seated.

Habit 4: Train Your body

When Adam and Eve disobeys God’s command, their actions cursed the ground they walked on. This meant they now had to work much harder to bring forth fruit that would satisfy. We were designed to work hard, but we can still choose whether we survive or thrive. The truth is simple: We weren’t designed to sit all day. Jesus Christ said to the lame man, get up and walk. (Acts 3)

If you have a JOB where you’re not physically using your body to move heavy objects, get in the sun, or use what God blessed you with, then you will lose it eventually. If you don’t train your body to maintain strength or get even stronger, you will get weaker and lose your vitality and energy sooner than you might think. I know it’s not what you want to hear, but you need to.

Habit 5: Feed Your body

Your body has the capacity to be an absolute machine. Have you seen those kung-fu movies where men run on water and step on air? Well, the beauty behind these movies is the idea that we are capable of much more than we believe. When you embody the Master, you will walk on water like Jesus did. It only takes childlike faith.

The Bible has a lot to say about food, but it also states that we are to receive all things in faith. Food is for the body, and cannot defile the Soul. The word faith comes from Bible stories of men who believed God despite the evidence. What you believe about your body, habits, and hopes will manifest. You know what’s good for you. Feed your body and mind with God’s best.

Habit 6: Train Your Spirit

Your Spirit, or your Heart, that is the Tree of Life, pushing streams of blood throughout your body. This is where your life force is sourced from and if you take time to centre yourself after a heavy day, then you will be healthier in every way. Just take a moment to sit and lift your heart to God.

Training your Spirit is not something you do in those 15-minutes of prayer and meditation. It’s the selfless choices you make when you feel angry, impatient, or filled with fear. How do you choose to act when the heat is turned up 7 fold? That is how we grow stronger and mature. Learn to do the right thing, it’s the hardest thing to do.

Habit 7: Feed Your Spirit

The habitat you find yourself waking up to can and will influence everything but your outlook on life. You choose what thoughts and ideas you keep in your heart and mind. It’s also why some people commit unthinkable acts of violence through emotions that gave birth to murder.

Prayer and meditation can take us away from the reality of our problems, but it’s only when we act with “His Love” that “Divine Intervention” steps in and we rise above a cursed world to find a place called Eden, a place made by God for intimacy.

My Personal Workout Routine Dieting Protocol for results:

What works for me right now won’t be suited for you as a beginner, but you can follow my journey and advice as you venture into the unknown.

This platform (website + app + ebook) is the work of art I have set out to build to share my passion, knowledge and experience in a congruent way.

Bodybuilding is an addiction that saved my life. Depression and other disorders stemmed from the rejection I experienced as a chubby kid.

I walked through the darkness to have empathy and understanding. May you be blessed by the work of my hands and my personal journey.

Create Your Own Program

Monday – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Tuesday – Back, Traps, Biceps, Core

Wednesday – Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings

Thursday – Chest, Back, Arms/Shoulders

Friday – Quads, Glutes, Hammies, Core

Saturday – Available If you missed a day

Sunday – Rest with your family day

Choose 1 primary exercise for each muscle group and perform 3 sets of 8 – 14 reps. If you get to 14 reps and you can do more, then you need to either slow down a bit on the eccentric, or explode more into the concentric. Try adding some weight by holding a dumbbell or barbell. Personally, I like to use drop sets and things like resistance bands to push my muscles closer to failure without risking an injury. Listen to God.

So, If you need a professional program designed with your needs in mind, then sign up here ($9). And if you want to know what is optimal for your physique goals, feel free to download our free nutrition guide here. I told you there would be some homework involved if you want results.

Design Your Own Meal Plan

5am Upon Waking: Water OR Sugar Free Coffee/Red Bull/Tea

11am Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs + Baby Spinach + Sriracha Sauce (+ Low GI Toast)

2pm Lunch: Heart Warming Leftovers OR Grilled Chicken Salad (+ Any Fruit)

5pm Snack: Biltong + Apple/Pear/Orange OR (Droëwors + Banana)

7pm Dinner: Heart Warming Family Meal like Lamb Chops + Potato Bake (+ 2x Red Wine)

9pm Snack: Chocolate Whey Protein + Banana (+ Honey OR Icecream & Sauce)

Everything in brackets is given the green light if you want to bulk. Eating a caloric surplus while lifting weights will aid muscle development and speed up your gains. It’s logical: If you have more building blocks (resources), then you can build more muscle. Just be careful not to Yolo-Bulk. It’s not an excuse to eat like a pig. Listen to God.

That’s all I have for you today. You don’t need supplements or pills if you’re not strong and ordered. So make sure you work on creating order before you attempt to do more than you have time for. If you need help, just reach out.

Shalom! Be Blessed!

Read it again if you are serious about getting this mindset aligned with your own soul. Share it if you feel blessed by it. Apply it if you believe it’s meant for you. God will use us if we ask Him to.

Coach Jan

P.S. Be the Blessing