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Alne Barnard

"Nothing works unless we do."

Alne wanted to compete in the bikini lineup and she made the decision to join the VIP Program. This was her debut and she achieved her fitness goal.

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Pieter La Grange

"You only have one body."

Pieter's incredible achievement of losing 100 is life changing. He lost the weight, met someone, and now they are happily married. Gains for life.

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Abidemi Williams

"Just believe in yourself."

Abi came to us feeling depressed, and unhappy with herself. Abi chose to go all in with the VIP Program, and she did it, she made it happen.

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Mari Wolf

"Progress is non-linear."

Mari joined the VIP Program and lost 18lb of fat while gaining about 9lb of lean mass. She followed our flexible dieting guide and the macros worked.

Ilse Basson; Not Today

Ilse Basson

"I am grateful for everything."

Ilse's journey with personalized coaching has been nothing short of extraordinary. She transformed into a much stronger version of herself.

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Miriam Tripaldi

"If you love it you will do it."

Miriam joined the VIP Program and in just 8 weeks she lost 12lb. The gym has become her secret place, and her body her temple. Just as it should be.

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Xi Ling

"Anyone can do what I did..."

Xi achieved incredible strength gains and a leaner physique, shedding 30 pounds in just 6 months with the personalized coaching program.

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Jan Roux

"Strength is earned."

Jan's personal transformation inspired him to help people who are ready for a lifestyle change, and this is how Bodybuilding for Christ was born.