The #1 Christian Fitness Program for Women


Christian Fitness Program for woman over 30


"United & Ignited by Jesus Christ."

The Christian Fitness Program for woman who want to burn fat with cardio, eat for weight-loss, and get home workout programs for free.

Daughters of Zion, Rise from the Ashes. It's time to discover your true potential with the Spirit of Christ. Fight for your health with Bodybuilding for Christ and be liberated to thrive.

The truth is nothing will ever change if you don't get so frustrated that you do something. You will have to put in the work and you don't need a life coach or a 3-day diet plan to tell you this.


These Christian Fitness Programs are for woman of all fitness levels. You will lose weight by drinking water, training for functional strength, and by eating for weight-loss. Please trust God.

The workouts can be done from home and we recommend creating your own focus zone. May this program inspire you to go deeper, feel more, and ignite the passion in your heart and soul.

Once you take control of your flesh, and your Spirit is united with Christ, then you will see the transformation. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you and lead you to obey God's will for you.


This is hands down the best way to lose weight, but you will need to let go of the dead weight. Check out these AMAZING weight-loss results below.


If you want to get stronger fast, and lose the baby fat, then change the trajectory of your life and choose to do it God's Way.


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"I gained so much functional strength!"

The Word of God states that anything is possible to the one who believes. Are you ready to step out in faith? You will see your life change. It might not be instant, but it will happen if you trust Him. Keep walking in faith.

After years of coaching we have learned something pretty amazing about fitness and weight-loss. When you focus on performance (strength, endurance, flexibility), that's when you burn the most fat and build muscle. Nutrition is important, but it comes naturally as you get sensitized.

As a weight-loss coach and christian life coach, all I really need to do is to believe in you, and get you to believe in you. God believes in you and that's why you've discovered this christian fitness program. God's faithfulness will lead you to the promised land.

Lose Weight By Running

Christian Fitness Program for Woman

"This is the best way to lose weight."

This Christian Fitness Program is unlike anything else out there. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve the church - God's Beloved Bride. It's time to get refined and defined by Christ.

Christian Bodybuilding will challenge you to draw closer to Jesus. In Christ you are secure, strong, and able. See yourself through God's eyes and choose God's best for your life.

While there are 1000's of free workout apps available online. None of them offer the support we do. We all need someone who listens and cares to simply ask, "How was your day?"

Lose Weight with Fasting

Christian Fitness Program for Woman

"Eating for weight-loss is SO EASY!"

These Christian ladies all chose to trust their coach as they followed the program like Ester did, and week after week they saw their bodies change through Christian Bodybuilding.

If you need to lose weight fast, then this is the program for you. You will still need to put in the work, but our MBS-Strategy will create the perfect space for longevity and change.

Our home workouts are safe for kids, and we encourage you to invite your family and friends. Create a fitness small group and train as one team. Host it on our fitness app for free.

Lose Weight with Macros

Christian Fitness Program for Woman

"I've lost so much weight in a month!"

So, Ladies, if you have a desire for change and these fit female bodies inspire you, then listen to what I'm about to say. These ladies worked hard, some days they cried and wanted to quit, and so will you.

That's why we all need solid support. As a Christian Life Coach I am here to listen and care. All of us have a story of pain to share; and your story is yet to be written. Perhaps it's time to write the part where you got BACK up!

Your body is the Temple of God's Spirit. Honor and worship Him with your heart, soul, and body. Trust His Words to lead you on the narrow road. This is the pilgrimage of your soul and Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd.

Lose Weight with Weight Training

Christian Fitness Program for Woman

"This is TRULY the best free fitness app."

You are not weak. You've never been. There's a Godlike Seed in you waiting to germinate. Get baptized by fire and water and be purified. God's Spirit will refine and define you in the Furnace to shape your character like gold.

His Grace makes room for mistakes. We can't learn without falling down. If you're parents never set the example, you likely won't either. But that's no excuse, we can all be disciplined. Desire opens the door. Ask God.

Listen, even if you do everything right, without a conditioned heart and mind you might lose yourself in the persuit. Perfection cannot be attained as it has arbitrary limitations. You are made in God's image; His potential is infinite.

Lose Fat and Build Muscle

Christian Bodybuilding Healthcare Ministry - Best Free Fitness App

"Ladies, United We Are Limitless."

Like Alne, you still have to face your fears and step on stage; into the light. Transformation requires blood, sweat, and tears. However, you hold the keys. Confidently walk through this open door beloved Daughter of Zion.

Don't waste what God blessed you with. Yeshua called you to hear this message, "Be Strong and Courageous. Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for I am with you and I go before you to make crooked places straight."

You were never born to look obese, feel fat, or conform to the norm of this forsaken world. Jesus Christ died to give you new eyes. Get your own app fitness coach and join the Fat Furnace fitness app challenge to be refined.

Get started and level up as you get INSPIRED to make the program work for you. Remember, nothing ever works unless we commit to it.

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"Eating for weight-loss has never been so EASY. It's like taking candy from a baby."


what the best diet for me

The 3-Day Fat Furnace ebook is a comprehensive nutrition guide that will touch on all aspects of healthly eating, living, and lifting. Then we bring it all together for God's glory.

Transformation is a painful process, but it can be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen, just look at the metamorphosis of the butterfly. Consumer to Producer.

If you are unable to lose weight, then perhaps this intermittent fasting guide is exactly what you need to find freedom. It will challenge you, and it will change you, but only if you believe it will work for you.

This Christian Weight-Loss Program forms part of a healing testimony and could be the answer to your prayers for strength. The Word of God says, "Let your YES be YES; and NO be NO."

Decide, then Execute.