The 3-Day Military Diet

The 3-Day Military Diet eBook

Congratulations Recruit! You have just discovered the last diet plan you'll ever need. This nutrition guide will put you right back into the fat burning zone.

You will fast and feast for weight-loss, longevity, and so much more. Fasting is the best way to lose weight, but if you don't do this God's Way, you will fail.

† Feasting with family nourishes the body and soul. Nutrition is about more than food. Learn to value hunger and GROW hungry for your breakthrough. 

We are all made in God's Image with a natural desire to feel secure. But if we don't get support, and if no one cares, then we will reach for more than food.

The 3-Day Military Diet (PDF)

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The Keto breakfast 4 "Faster" weight-loss

The way in which we start our day will greatly determine our success rate. Start your day like royalty and don't be fooled.

This easy breakfast recipe will help you gain focus and energy. Keto diets works for fatloss because it boosts productivity.

Use the 3-Day Military Diet to kickstart your metabolism and lose weight God's Way, it's the most sustainable way.

The Best Chicken Salad for Fast Results

Bodybuilders know the value of prep meals. Knowing what to eat for results, and then eating it works every time.

If you want to know how to lose weight fast, then it's time to prep a protein rich salad for lunch. Make it work and it will.

The information we share in our 3-day diet plan is unlike anything you'll read in secular books, it's why you need faith.

The 'Perfect' Muscle Building Hamburger

Burgers are healthy. What's not healthy is eating alone. That's why you should share your good food with friends and family.

The 3-Day Military Diet will empower you. This intermittent fasting guide for weight-loss will give you the keys to thrive again.

Get your copy of the eBook and start eating. The words shared will edify and equip your soul. Sanctify your body in only 3 days and be transformed.



My BreakThrough Plan

"Nothing works unless we do."

Step 1: Read it carefully. The 3-Day Military Diet will bless your soul with new strength.

Step 2: God's temple must be sanctified and sensitized to discern God's best for you.

Step 3: Apply this Nutrition eBook in faith and see the investment in your health.

Step 4: Share it with others and edify the body of Christ. It's what we are called to do.


At Bodybuilding for Christ we never prescribe any meal plans. Subscribe to our annual nutrition support group and get the results you deserve.

1. Education (Knowledge)

2. Motivation (Engagement)

3. Accountability (Investment)

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If you doubt you strike out.