How To Build a Healthy Strong Family

A healthy strong family is the core of society and in today’s post you will learn more about the beauty of God’s Original Design.

Hi! My name is Jan-Roux, but you can call me Jan. I’m a strength coach with a passion for Jesus Christ, what He did on the cross for us, and His Original Design (Family). The purpose of my work is to direct others back to His Word and restore the family to it’s former glory by teaching men and women who they are in God’s eyes and what He expects of us as parents. We are all called to lead our children with God’s wisdom and teach them values they may embody to be blessings in the world.

Building a healthy family for future generations to thrive without a lack mentality is God’s desire for us. It’s the cornerstone of a healthy society that builds each other up to prosper in unity, but too many people have been conformed to the norm (world) as they live in fear to protect what’s theirs. Many go to church just to pray for blessings, but they have forgotten what it means to be conduits of blessing in the world. This selfish trait of humanity doesn’t just affect our society, but also the next generation.

The written content I’ll be sharing here will make you think, and when you think you will seek, and when you seek you will find. My intention is not to offend anyone or judge anything, nor is it the purpose of what I will be sharing with you on this platform. Each and every one of us already knows the truth through the Spirit of Christ that has been poured out at the cross of Calvary.

The Bible says, “When He comes, He will convict the world in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment.” – John 16:8

That’s all you need to know for now. If you like what you see and it sounds like pretty good news to you, then continue reading. Jesus Christ did not come to condemn the world. We condemn ourselves by living faithless lives that cause pain for ourselves and others. Jesus came to open our blinded eyes so that we might come to know God and turn back to His Original Design.

Read the content with intent and allow God’s love to speak to you through it. In the next few weeks, I will challenge you to shift a few paradigms that might be leading you down a slippery slope of destruction. The Spirit of the LORD is upon me to because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and to open the prison for those who are bound. May my words inspire your soul to seek God’s heart for you.


The truth is this world can influence us on a much deeper level than what we might see. Did you know that your choices, beliefs, and emotions can trigger genes to mutate, which increases your risk for non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) like cancer, diabetes, depression, and obesity. This natural interaction between nature and mankind is known as Epigenetics.

Keeping your family healthy and strong starts by keeping your own genetics healthy and strong. You will eventually pass your DNA on to your children. If you have bad habits and ways of thinking, chances are good that your kids will be affected by you. Transforming your body, mind, and spirit to align with God’s Original Design should be of utmost importance for your family.

Once parents understand this, and act on it, then they can greatly reduce their risk for many of these lifestyle-related diseases. Being ignorant of the truth is like walking around blind. At some point in life you are going to stumble and fall, and it might cost more than you bargained for. You cannot afford to be ignorant of the truth, and you shouldn’t think it will never happen to you.

Every year millions of good people like you and me are suffering today because they thought it would never happen to them. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is a choice we make to look away from the truth. All of us intuitively know that the food we eat, the medicine we drink, and what we see originates from a place of greed. We are made to fear and manipulated to desire gold.

God showed me a vision of the Original Seed and how mankind genetically manipulated what God has deemed as good in an attempt to bring forth better, stronger, and more abundant crops to make more gold. The love of money is the root of all evil.

“You cannot serve two masters, you will love one and hate the other, you cannot serve God and money.” – Matthew 6:24


The good news is, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by His grace. – Romans 3:23

It’s true that we are human beings and we are flawed by nature, just look at the story of Adam and Eve. They were given a responsibility from God and they messed it up just like we do. That’s why the world is in a constant state of panic and chaos. We are born into this world as nothing but worms who consume. It’s all about me, myself, and I. But it’s foolish to think we can stay like this for the rest of our lives. We have a personal responsibility towards the people we are meant to love and support.

The question I usually ask myself is really simple. “How will my wife ever experience God’s love if I don’t represent it to her?” It’s only by listening to God’s voice guiding us to lay down our lives for the ones we love that we can learn to be selfless in love. Think about a mother who works two or even 3 jobs to support her babies after her husband runs away from his responsibility; that’s what I call bleeding for the ones you love. That is also why Jesus Christ came to bleed for us that we might know God.

Building a strong healthy family starts with the way you carry your own family and nothing says “I love you” like sweating blood. We have to provide, fight, and exemplify the work of Jesus Christ. Saying these loving things can sound so beautiful, but it’s so much harder than what most are willing to face. The selfish nature of society and the way most of us are raised to believe we are snowflakes who deserve to be treated like royalty can blind us from God’s truth. Ignorance is bliss, and tomorrow we pay.

I warned you that I’m going to challenge you to reflect on your own ways. Consider whether your love is based on giving to get something in return. If someone has nothing to offer, would you still show love and care for them? What if they hated you like they hated Jesus Christ, would you forgive them and show them that you understand and that you care? It’s not an easy task being a parent… At some point your own kin will turn their backs on you and say those heart wrenching words… “I hate you.”

How will you respond when your own children says something like that to you? Will you hold it against them like many do? Being treated like you mean nothing to them hurts. I mean you raised them, gave them food, and a place they can call home, and then they do that to you. You would be right to feel hurt by those harsh words. You might even lash out at them and kick them from your home. Tough love works, but it also causes more harm than good. It’s like adding fuel to the fire raging inside.

As it is written, “No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13


As it is written, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8

We are all made by love, for love, to be loved. It’s a mutual desire we all share. This longing to feel loved and to have a family is so important to understand if we truly want to live this life in God’s presence and thrive. God designed family this way to share His character and love with us in a variety of ways. Love is not just about feelings and butterflies. Love is so much more about teaching, leading, helping, supporting, and laying down your own life so others can thrive. This is how we get to know Jesus.

Jesus Christ willingly laid down His life so we can thrive, but saying that sounds like He gave us a free ticket to heaven, and that’s not really the case. Jesus Christ simply opened our eyes to the reality of what love truly is so we can FOLLOW HIM and therefore set an example for the next generation. If we were ignorant of what God’s love truly looks like we would be selfish and focus only on what we can get, and not on what we can give. Love is not something we lack, but something we have.

Just think about it. Your heart is filled with the goodness of God. You have been given the ability to share that love with others. Once you share love you will start to see the multiplication of that love in your life as you become a blessing in a broken world. Not every person you share your love with will reciprocate it back to you and that’s why we need to have a family of our own where we can receive love and be filled. If you are alone in this world you will never know what God’s love looks or feels like.

The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make for him a suitable helper.” – Genesis 2:18

All of us do what we do for different reasons, but at the core of it we see family. We all want to be loved, and we all want to give love. But it’s only when we fight IN UNITY & LOVE for a good cause that we can ignite the darkness for All.


As it is written, “I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, the Spirit of Truth.” – Spiritual Sayings for Jesus Christ

The Bible says a good father leaves a great inheritance for His children. If you start out with nothing, and your desire is to have a thriving family, then I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you will need to sacrifice your life temporarily and deny the desire for comfort, pleasure, and even children for a little while.

All children are blessings straight from heaven, but they are also living humans and consumers, and unless you can provide for them, you will be foolish to act irresponsibly when you should be focused on building a foundation for your family. Building something great from nothing is hard, please don’t make it harder on yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting married, having children, and the many colorful things this life has to offer, but the timing and the way you approach it, whether with lust or love, will determine if you thrive or survive.

Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice, and that was to lay down His own life so that each of us can be part of the Original Design. The original promise to Abraham: “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.” – Genesis 12

He blessed Abraham with a great inheritance, and this blessing also falls on every child that comes from His Seed, and that includes you, me, and everyone else who believes in Him.

This blessing is God’s inheritance to His own creation. It’s the promise He made to be our Father, and this declaration of His character comes with Personal Responsibility. God is the only One who can provide as the Shepherd of our souls, guiding us out of the darkness into His glorious Light. He is God, and we are not, this so important to understand. We can’t control Him.

The Bible starts and ends with the Almighty God, but it centers around the story and origin of man. “Yahweh created man in His own image; in the image of Jesus Christ He created them; male and female He created them. Then He blessed them and said, be fruitful, fill the earth! Multiply!”

The Bible goes on to tell of how God’s people have forgotten who they are, and who God is. They have turned their backs on God to run after a gold and wood. This truly is the road that leads to destruction, and many find it. A life without the knowledge of God is a life in the comfort zone.

Jesus Christ came to remind us of who God is and who we are, and by humbling Himself as a man He found favor in the eyes of those who were just like him, the loving children of God. However, when He likened Himself to God, He was hated by the religious leaders and called a blasphemer, even a demon-possessed man.

As it is written, “No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is Himself God and is at the Father’s side, has made Him known.” – John 1:18


Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice by hanging on a tree for what He believed in and His Spirit (Words) were released into eternity so that every knee would bow to His message of Hope. The Reconciliation of lost souls with God the Father. Because He died, we live. (Tetelestai)

What the religious leaders of the 21st century won’t tell you is the fact that the true baptism of the Holy Spirit has been watered down and the message of the Cross lost through nice church sermons about “How to be a good human”, and “How to be blessed”. No human is good, and this has been proven throughout scripture time and time again. That’s why WE NEED JESUS CHRIST.

As it is written, “Why do you call Me good?” Jesus replied. “No one is good except God.” – Mark 10:18

I share this as I need you to understand where we come from and why we do foolish things that cause pain in our own lives and the lives of those we love. We make mistakes because we have been born into a fallen world where pleasure aims to rule our hearts. It’s starts at the roots.

But it’s in our brokenness that God can be God as He gives us a new heart. His desire is to give us true freedom, even to the extent of our own demise. Destruction gives us a taste of death so that we might come to know HOW good God actually is. If there was nothing to fix or heal, then there would be no need for a Saviour.

God goes by many Names, but one specific name given to Him by His people is Jehovah-Rapha, which means healer. God wants to be our healer. Mending the brokenness by putting His own Spirit within us. It’s such an intimate desire He has for us that it can be likened to a couple having a sensual interconnected relationship with a feeling of total trust and admiration for each other. This is God’s desire for us, and also why He made us. He was alone in the darkness.

Side Quest: The Name Rapha also appears when we look at the Arch Angel Raphael.

I thought that is something interesting to know. In the Bible God sometimes showed up as an Angel, and without knowing it He came to visit His people in different forms, whether by fire or smoke, He made sure His people knew He was sovereign and holy. No one can see His glory.

As it is written, “Anyone, then, who knows the right thing to do, yet fails to do it, is guilty of sin and destruction.” – James 4:17

Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, knowing good and evil. And now, lest he reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and then live forever…” Do you feel secure? Are you sure?

Your soul is prized above all the silver and gold, and it’s only when you acknowledge your worth that you can truly live. This journey of discovery is hard if you have nothing to go by, and that is why I’ve put in the work to seek the face of God.

Jesus shared many parables with us, spiritual lessons for us to discover through revelation. One of these included eating of His flesh, and drinking His blood to be One in heart and soul with Him. He also likened Himself to the Tree of Life, and said we are to be grafted in so we might bear fruits that are acceptable to God.

As it is written, “I am the Vine and you are My branches. Those who abides in Me will bear much fruit. For apart from Me you can do nothing meaningful.” – John 15:15

You need to know that changing your ways will be tough, but the pain you’re feeling right now will be nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed to you as you make it through the furnace. We cannot do this alone, and that is why we need family to support us every day.


It is written in the Book of Malachi, “

“For behold, the day is coming, burning like a furnace, when all the arrogant evildoers will be stubble; the day of the LORD is coming when I will set them ablaze,” says the LORD of Hosts. “Not a root or branch will be left to them.”

“But for you who fear My holy name, the Son of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings, and you will go out and leap like calves from the stall. Then you will trample the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet on the day I am preparing,” says the LORD of Hosts.

“Remember the law of My servant Moses, the statutes and ordinances I commanded him for all Israel at Horeb. I have chosen Him to lead.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome Day of the LORD. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Otherwise, I will come and strike the land with a curse.” – Malachi 4

God’s command to restore the Original Design (family) comes with challenges as we are all raised in different realities and circumstances. And while the fortunate ones come from “strong healthy homes” where mom and dad are still “married”, there are others who grow up in chaos. People who silently scream in the night.

Coach Jan

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  1. Good afternoon Jan. Hope you are doing well.

    I came across your site on Monday, when I was looking for some fitness guides and eating right.

    I have been reading all your blogs bar 2 as well as the nutrition guide as well.

    I am 46 and a bit overweight (101kg, 179cm). I am struggling to loose weight. Started to gym in November 2018 after my doctor told me to start exercising and all went well. Stop using sugar, and starch and came down from 103kg to 94kg in 12 months and maintained that weight. I did do weight training. But since lock-down it has been all downhill and for the last 2 weeks I have not been traing at all (back at 101kg). My devotional life also took a backseat, until I felt the urge to look for something better, and that is when I came across your site. Love the way you bring in the Lord into your presentations.

    I need help. Not sure how you go about helping people and if you do (Up in the Vaal-Gauteng).

    I need to do the Fat Furnace, as I need to get my life in order. I just have some questions.

    If you could help it would be wonderful.

    Have a great weekend and be blessed.

    Kind regard

    Bjorn Muller

    • Hi Brother!

      I can most definitely support your goals to get back on track. It’s always very impressive to hear about big changes being made and setbacks happen to strengthen us as we get back up. I’ll be in touch via email. Thank you for reaching out to me and for taking the time to read through the content.


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