Christian Healthcare Ministries: How to deal with depression

Is depression non-acceptance of what is?

Hormonal imbalance. That’s what the science tells us, and that’s how we treat depression. With counter measures for the hormones. We use exercise, healthy foods, meditation, and medication to alleviate the pain we feel. Pain is an interesting field of study, and so is feelings.

Stoics will tell you. It’s Fleeting.

Depression is a mental health disorder, or condition, for those with trigger-sensitive-feelings (TSF), that often leads to a loss of enjoyment of life, loss of appetite, loss of energy, and it’s shown to affect wealthy people as much as any other socio-economic population.

Money can’t buy happiness.

Trauma often leads to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Depression and PTSD often go hand in hand. Outbursts of anger can also be a tell-tale sign of unresolved trauma, neglect, rejection, or abuse in the early stages of life. There is always a trigger, or root cause.

Get down to the root of it.

The Bible says “beloved, I pray that in every way you may prosper and be of good health, as your soul also prospers.” This indicates to me there is a connection between the prosperity of your soul, and your natural ability to feel good on all levels. (See 3 John 1:2)

Loss goes deeper than trauma.

I absolutely love the Bible. From a writers perspective, you could say it was God’s way of sharing His pain and His love. The crucifixion was such a biblical act that His message was multiplied and eternalized as it rippled throughout the Universe; perpetuating Christ for all generations.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

From personal experience I’ve discovered the therapeutic (healing) effect of writing. Sharing what you have gone through, even if only to your diary (journal), can be helpful in many ways. One way could be to get a new perspective. “The serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”

Non-Acceptance of What is?

The world is a mess. No doubt. Bible prophecies have been pointing to times like these, and in all honesty, every generation has seen times like these. There is nothing new under the Sun. The fact is Jesus Christ has already come, and He will come again, and the Holy Spirit is here.

“Who is, and was, and is to come.”

We are made in God’s image, to bear His Light on earth. Designed to be His hands and feet, eyes and ears. Darkness, or whatever evil connotation you wish to add to that, will come to dim His Light. As it was with Jesus Christ, so shall it be with every Child of God.

Darkness is an opportunity.

I believe darkness is an opportunity for us to get stronger. Every time you relapse, or fall into despair, when depression takes hold of you, that’s another opportunity you have to rise up. Resistance training is like that. You are presented with a cross, and you bear it.


“One may be overpowered, two can resist. And a cord of three is not easily broken.” – The Bible

Raising yourself above the cloud of doubt, shame, and fear will strengthen you to do it again, even if it was momentarily. Falling back down is nothing to feel shattered over. But if you do feel worthless, just keep in mind you are not alone. Others feel that way too.

New Strength in Numbers

Finding people you can trust, love, and share with can do wonders for your mental wellbeing. None of us are immune to trauma. I’ve been stabbed by the “spirit of Cain” (murder) myself and it triggered nightmares, depression, outbursts of anger, and fear of the world.

Real healing takes time.

Don’t share your story with the world too quickly. Most of the time that will only lead to more trauma. Seeing a professional counsellor can help you to reflect on what happened, and by accepting it you can learn to distance yourself from what happened.

Love yourself, and others.

You can’t love other people if you can’t love yourself. Loving ourselves can be hard if we are to blame for the pain we’ve caused. Many of us grow up as fools for love (attention whores), especially those who have been neglected and rejected. And that’s okay.

Remember to forgive yourself

Setting people free is a conscious decision, and that also means cutting off those soul ties. Ensure you are truly free by metaphysically acting – It’s like a wild animal trying to escape. As it is written, “Free yourself like a gazelle from the snare…” – Proverbs 6:5

We are complex beings.

Every one of us. Individual. Personality. Heart. Mind. Feelings. Family. Future. Jesus Christ died to open our eyes to the spiritual reality of life, and to reconcile us to Abba Father, God Almighty! Made in the image and likeness of God. Consider that for just a moment.

We are complex beings.

We are only scratching the surface of who we are. It’s the question we have all been searching for since the beginning of time. Some look to the stars (Astrology), and others look to the past (Evolution), while those who believe in El-Shaddai look to the Son.

[Identity] Who am I? Where…

Many of us identify with what we do, where we live, and our sexual orientation. However, God flips it on it’s head by saying we are Spirit, and the flesh will return to the earth as dust. Desire and beauty will fade as the flowers of the field, and all of us will die.

Fear of death, or fear of living?

I want to challenge you. It’s what a strength coach is designed for. I want you to burn everything that keeps you looking back. Photos, letters, gifts, art, whatever. Burn it all. Ensure you have no idols in your home. Cleanse your soul, and start with your home.

Tester of Metals (Jeremiah 6:27)

Here is an exercise for you: Write your story, print your story, and burn the pages one by one. Let go of who you think you should be, or who you have been, and allow God to redefine who you are without the noise. Without lust, without lack, without doubt.

Jesus said, “Never doubt again.”

In my search for answers, and healing, I have experienced many things from the manifestation of demons, dreams messages, and coincidental incidents where God demonstrated His love, protection, and character. Intimacy is something God desires.

He knows you better than you do.

I’ve considered going back to University to study psychology for a masters degree, or even a PhD, we’ll have to see. I’d like to have deeper insights, and perhaps publish my findings. However, for now I’ll help you get in shape. Just trust the process.

I believe in you.

Coach Jan

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