Top Secret Mission #6: Prayer


Temptation, depression, greed, gluttony and pride will never go away unless the root of the seed is removed. You have now been confronted with God’s Word, and if you wish to improve your health, then these missions will have strengthened your heart and soul. God gave us the free will to choose.

As it is written, “No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.” – 1 Corinthians 10:13

Whether you like to acknowledge it or not, we are in a spiritual war between good and evil, righteousness and wickedness. It’s clear to see if we look at things like racism, sexism, murder, genocide, corrupt governments and political leaders. The spirit of the anti-christ is already here.

As believers we are called to pray. Jesus said to His disciples, “Fast and pray so you may not enter into temptation.” There are temptations all around us, like the chocolate eclairs in your freezer. Trust me, eventually you will eat them if you flirt with them. It’s what happened to Adam/Eve.


All over the Bible we see how Angels played a crucial role in the events that shaped earth’s history. Despite what many might believe Angels are still working in our lives today. They can come in any shape or form and God will use them to protect us, bless us, and guide our steps. They serve Him.

Servants of God (Angels) are designed to fight the unseen battles we all face. Therefore, one of the strongest tactical weapons we have is prayer. The Bible says that the fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Daniel fasted and prayed for 21 days before the Angel of God appeared to him.

While Daniel was fasting there was a fight going on in the heavenly realms. God commissioned Angels (Arch Angels) to fight against the devil and his phonies. There was resistance and a time where Daniel called out to God without any changes in the physical realm. Yet, he continued.

Your mission for the next level of training will be quite simple. You will pray and ask for strength. Continue pushing in, pushing forward, and doing what you have been called for. You might not see physical changes instantly, but give it 21 days or more. Moses fasted for 40 days to see God’s face.


Please don’t fast for 40 days unless you are a seasoned veteran in God’s army. Moses and Jesus where Jedi Knights in God’s Kingdom, and therefore they could go to the absolute extreme to see past what we think is real. Moses could see past the veil, and Jesus Christ tore it with His blood.

Therefore, we no longer need “a Moses figure” in our lives to guide us with the 10 commands (law). Jesus Christ (Yeshua) died to give us access to Him through the Holy Spirit who abides forever (love). You don’t even need to fast to hear from God because He is close. “Call on me and I will answer.”

As it is written, “For You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it; You take no pleasure in burnt offerings. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart God will not despise.”

Fasting does intensify the effectiveness of your prayers, but 1 – 3 days is more than sufficient in my experience. You can’t go into a spiritual fight if you’re weak. So train yourself to pray fervently as to build your spiritual muscles through your relationship with the Author of our faith. God the Father.


When you open your eyes in the morning, before you start walking, go on your knees and take a moment to be still, breathe deep and then set your heart and mind on God and pray this prayer:

“Father, thank You for this day. Thank you for your grace and love. Thank you for giving me LIFE. Please guide my steps today that I may choose the good portion. Make me a blessing to my family. Guide my steps in righteousness and protect me and my family from evil. In Jesus Name I pray.”


Weekdays when you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do, go on your knees or sit in your car and just be still in His presence. Take 3 deep breaths and then repeat this prayer after me:

“Father, I am weary, and I need your help. Please bless the work of my hands and give me divine inspiration to be excellent in what I do. Use me to bring glory to Your Name. In Jesus Name I pray.”


Ask God for the desire to know Him more intimately as a lover would, and He will stir your heart to seek Him daily in prayer, but don’t come to Him begging like a slave, or with empty words, come to Him and ask in faith. You are a child of God, an heir to His Kingdom. So act like it. Believe it. Pray it.