Build Strong Glutes, They Look Good!

Did you know there is more functional value to the “firmness” of your buttocks than what you might think? Having a firm butt can alleviate lower back pain and greatly improve sports performance. They propel your legs backwards to move you forward.

You can think of your firm buttocks as your bodies hammer; it’s the driving force. Your legs are the nails, and it’s time to plant them into the earth.

In today’s educational blog post I’ll shed some light on the 3 best glute exercises for woman (and men) and the benefits of having a firmer butt.

Adding these glute exercises to our workout routine will give you great booty gains in 8 – 12 weeks. Do it.

Butt, as you should know, nothing works unless we do. Embrace healthy habits not because you have to, butt because you want to. Fall in love with the process of building your booty, and find joy in being healthy. Your body is God’s Holy Temple.

If you don’t have a gym membership, sign up for a free online home workout program. Then get a firmer butt with the best glute exercises for stronger glutes. Thank you for joining BB4C.


the best glute exercises for woman

The glutes play a pivotal role in the extension of your hips, thus your firm butt gives you the ability to push your hips forward by thrusting. When your glutes are weak (sitting weakens them) you will experience lower back pain as they support your lower back (spine).

What a firm butt also does is to help move your femurs, your legs, and this enables you to walk forward and run faster. The stronger the glutes are, and the firmer they look, the faster you will run. Except if you’re carrying another human, then walk before you run.

If you’re struggling to do daily chores, play with your kids, or have the energy for exercise, then you need to re-commit 4 months of your life to turn your health around. I don’t care if you take a personal loan and work half day; if you find that you are in a place of suffering, then you MUST FIGHT BACK FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Every day there are thousands who seek professional help. We pay psychologists to reflect, the hairdresser listens, and our BFF’s are willing to share a beer. We do this to get the pain out. Butt without our support structures we will reach for relief from things that bring more destruction.

Exercise brings relief. Focus on peace.


It’s time to get up and walk: Use these glute exercises to reverse the damage and take back your health. Here is 3 of the best glute exercises for a firm butt.

Exercise is therapy, and the gym is here to motivate you. Seek help to feel more confident, gain mental strength, and saturate your life with Jesus Christ.

1. Barbell Hip Thrust

The Barbell Hip Thrust is one of the most advanced glute exercises for athletes as we are able to overload the muscle to it’s maximal potential. Some girls perform Hip Thrusts with 100kg (225lb) for reps.

There’s a reason the “Jen Shelters” of the world are #InstaFamous, they have all worked their asses off. Literally, right off their mobile screens. It’s funny and sad.

2. Banded Glute Kickbacks

The Banded Glute Kickback is one of the best “under-rated” gluteal exercises for woman, and for skaters. Skaters have to thrust their feet into the floor and kick forward. Try this exercise right after your hip thrusts, then tell me what you butt feels like the next day. It was inspired by skateboarding. Give credit where it’s due.

3. Bikini Posing

Bikini Posing for Competitions might look strange to the average gym bro or poser girl, but to those who have been training for 7+ years will know. “Noobs” would be amazed to see what happens when the Body, Mind, and Spirit unites with God’s Spirit in training. Are you able to listen to God’s voice coaching you?

Flex your muscles, flex harder.

Final Tip for Advanced Gluteals:

Combine these 3 exercises for the best glute training experience. Superset them and perform 3 – 4 sets of 11 – 14+ reps.


best glute training workout program for woman

You don’t NEED a gym membership to get in shape. All you need is a HUNGER and the motivation to get started. All great discoveries started with a single step. Once you start and feel healthier and stronger, that’s when momentum kicks in, and that’s the best motivation.

The Best At Home Glute Workout:

Start the workout by creating your own focus zone at home. Invest in your health and wellness. I decided to build my own personal gym and private fitness studio during lock-down. But you don’t have to go to that extreme. It can be as simple as putting down a high quality exercise mat in the garden with some ear pods to give you total freedom. Music is a free gift!

1. The Bird Dog

One of the great functional movement patterns. We always include Bird Dogs with all our workout programs to help our members maintain good balance while reducing lower back pain.

Use this to build up your glutes until you are strong enough for more advanced movements. Then add more volume.

2. Glute Bridge (Floor Hip Thrust)

Get down on your back, bend your knees and bring your feet closer to your butt. Now push your butt into the air as high as you can and flex your glutes to firm them up. Perform as many reps (AMRAP) as possible, and squeeze each repetition. Make sure you feel the muscles working.

3. The Crab Walk

You’re going to need a resistance band. Loop it around your ankles or knees. – (Buy Your Hip Circle). Walk and force the band apart with your glute minimus and medius as demonstrated. Keep going for as long as you can. The Good BURN.


Perform all 3 of these exercises as your Glute Superset. Do 4 rounds of AMRAP’s (As many reps as possible). Repeat this workout 3 times each week for a very firm bum.


Coach Jan

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