Top Secret Mission #2: Focus!

I’ve been distracted.

Have you ever been distracted? Off-course you have, we all have, and you know as well as I do what a fender bender that can be. We are living in a world that’s always competing for our attention, and if we just accept everything as it is, and we “go with the flow” we will miss out on God’s promises.

The Israelites walked in circles for 40 years. Don’t be like them. As it is written, “Like seeds sown among the thorns. They hear the word, but the worries of this life, the need for wealth, and the desire for things choke the word of God, and it becomes unfruitful. – God’s Word

If you’re starting and ending your day connected to social media, trading FX, or worse… with porn, then it’s time to take drastic action if you want to see big improvements in how you look and feel. The consequences of these actions might not seem painful at all, but the accumulation of these actions will affect everything about you. If you play with fire you will get burned. Simple fact.

Consider what you prioritise in life. What are the things that occupy your mind? Are these things of any eternal value? Do they benefit others? What would Jesus say about them? “If your eye causes you to sin pluck it out, for it is better for you to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven maimed than…”

– Jesus Christ


What you think about every day ultimately shapes what and who you become. Your thoughts shape your actions, and they affect your life. It’s called cause and effect. For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. As the Bible says, “Do not be deceived! God is not mocked, you will reap whatever you sow.” – Galatians 6:7

I had to learn all of these things the hard way, and I don’t think there is any other way. We have to walk through a season of refinement where it feels like we are in a dry place, a prison cell, or even to the extent where we cry out “Abba Abba, why have You forsaken me?” This is the places where God does His unseen work. This is the place where He establishes your character and identity in Him.

We need to have our identity established in an eternal foundation and not in a temporary vocation. You are not what you do, but who God says you are, and only [Insert Name Here] can discover who and what that looks like as a representative of His Kingdom here on earth. You are a Light to them.

This is one of the reasons why Jesus, John, and many other Disciples ventured off into the wilderness to fast, pray, and meditate on the glory and majesty of God Almighty. This desire for Him drew Him to them and He revealed all things hidden. Once awareness is given; change can take place within.


This week your mission is to revamp your entire smart phone. You’re going to clean everything. Delete old photos, screenshots, and the hidden junk. Thereafter you will remove apps that take up too much of your mental real estate. You will know which apps these are. Commit, delete, move on.

Once you’ve removed your need to be so “connected to the world”, you will be re-connected with the One who made all things in a congruent and meaningful way, as it was meant to be. You can still check into those apps once a week, or once a month. I promise there is something better for you.

Spend more time playing with your kids. Join a gym. Embrace the beauty of life that surrounds you. Take time to appreciate the people who you connect with and go the extra mile if you are asked to. Participate in something if you feel alone and learn a new skill like cooking, dancing, or surfing.